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Meditation for better sleep Meditation for better sleep January 7, 2020 READ MORE

sleep meditation music youtube

Here we bring together a nice collection of sleep meditation music youtube we hope you enjoy them. Sleep meditation music Sleep meditation music, this a long video so turn on relax and let the music drift you into sleep.…

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DIY Meditation pillow

DIY meditation cushion zafu cushion Make your own pillow 1.DIY Meditation pillow. To make your own meditation cushion, You are going to need fabric. 2. fabric cotton and linen is generally the best choice. 3. A sewing machine or you…

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prevent sleep paralysis

preventing sleep paralysisprevent sleep paralysis, the initial stages of sleep paralysis are always the toughest to deal with. After the first episode, you will be completely baffled and scared. You might lose a sense of the surroundings and believe you are…

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Sleep Paralysis In

What is Sleep Paralysis

What is Sleep ParalysisWhat is sleep paralysis? Put simply, it is the restriction of movement when you are falling asleep or waking up. It can last for seconds or even for several minutes. When this happens, you are consciously awake, but…

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Sleep Cycles A Brief Look

Sleep Cycles A Brief Look, for centuries, scientists took sleep as a passive state where the body, along with the brain, would turn off and go into a state of inactivity. The commonly understood reason was supposed to be rest…

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Calming meditation

Calming MANTRA MEDITATION MANTRA MEDITATION The mantra meditation technique is one of the best calming techniques as declared by the mayo clinic. In this meditation technique, you need to repeat a calming word or mantra in silence (mentally). Repeating this…

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Why is Sleep Important We spend A good third of our lives sleeping. A waste of time, many people may wonder. Why are we sleeping anyway? Does it have to be that way? What happens in the body when we…

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Benefits of  meditation Benefits of meditation gives room for relaxation. Herbert Benson, MD, a Harvard University medical school research in the 1970s invented the term “relaxation-response” this was coined after a series of research carried out on people who practice T…

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