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Signature Sleep Essential 6 inches Mattress Review

Sleepers Mattresses, Signature Sleep is probably the first manufacturer you have in mind when you go out shopping for a comfortable mattress. It is preferred by users because of its extreme comfort, longevity, and incredible performance to support all types of sleepers.

The best type of Sleepers Mattresses

They have an enormous variety in their products’ range where every user will find his best fit. This one is a 6-inch thick mattress and is the best type of mattress for side sleepers, for bed frame having various sizes.

It is ideal for people having variable needs where the mattress provides good support for therapeutic issues as well. The product is guaranteed for its durability and smooth performance over a number of years.


Deep sleep Sleepers MattressesThis one is a mattress from Signature Sleep with 6-inch thickness. This level of thickness makes it useful and ideal for your bedding not to make it look too high for your comfort.

The core of the bed has independently encased coils that serve as the base of your bedding. It is creatively covered with a quality foam layering and polyester covering.

This is excellent for giving better comfort and optimal support for your entire vertebrate. The mattress comes in a very compact packing where it is compressed for easy delivery purposes.

The best thing about the mattress is that it is a good one if you have any back and joint pain problems.

Pros: Sleepers Mattresses safe for the environment

The following pros are the most notable which makes this mattress a unanimous choice among a range of options:

The system has the independently encased coils which give a strong and sturdy base to the system. You will enjoy its comfort without actually feeling it as it is covered with the comfort layers of high-quality foam padding and polyester layering.

The mattress is safe for the environment with its ability to prevent the production of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).

The firmness of the bed which is the major concern for many is excellent in this mattress for variable needs.

The Sleepers Mattresses for your safety purposes has got the accreditation of federal flammability standards.

For your ease and cost-saving purposes, the manufacturer delivers the product in compress form which will take about a couple of days in order to unfold into its full potential.

Sleepers MattressesCons:

The following are its cons:

You can use this mattress over bunk beds and trundle beds as well.

The heavy users will find it a bit uncomfortable as the mattress will sink them in.

It has a weird synthetic smell at the start which will fade away with time.


This one is a quality mattress from the Signature Sleep manufacturer. The quality layers of foam and polyester over the encased coils give excellent comfort. The negative points can be overlooked if you compare it with the features it offers. The deal is excellent and the mattress promises to support you with comfort over a good number of years.

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