sleep music

sleep music

sleep music


Why does sleep music help?
Meditate into sleep says sleep music ensures that the brain calms down because only when you have found inner peace, you can fall asleep.

In an article, the Daily Mail describes listening to music before bed helps your brain and improves the quality of your sleep. The reason for this is the positive influence of quiet music on the vibrations of the mind (Source: Daily Mail).


In an article in De Volkskrant, Professor Ton Coenen advises listening to the same kind of noise or music every night.

The brain will associate the sound with sleep, and the mind will calm down. Music can also help with noise or tinnitus.

Which is the best sleep music?

It is essential that sleep music spreads quiet sounds, such as a guitar or piano music. Many people become silent due to rain or other nature sounds.

Fast music with hard beats does the opposite and makes you stay awake and active. The reason for this is the fast tempo change.

This stimulates attention and prevents deep sleep. To prevent the music from waking you up in the middle of the night, you should listen to sleep music just before bedtime, not during sleep (source: De Volkskrant).

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Sleep disorders and restless nights do not just make you moody; they can be downright harmful to your health.

One should keep in mind that no one wants to have a restless sleep. More and more people have trouble falling to sleep; sleep becomes increasingly difficult.

Everyday life can get out of balance between stressful working life and demanding private life.

Luckily, there are a few scientifically proven tips to help you fall asleep, and one of them is having the right playlist handy.

The 2015 Cochrane Developmental, Psychosocial, and Learning Problems Group found out in a study that certain sounds favor both the process of falling asleep and improving the quality of sleep itself.

Another study found that classical music, in particular, can lead to a more relaxed and restful night among the students studied.

And above all, soothing music, unlike sleeping pills, does not affect mental or physical functioning.

sleep music