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Practice watchfulness mindfulness training discover yourself

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 mindfulness training

Watchfulness meditation training

Practice watchfulness mindfulness training discover yourself What are you thinking
can you see the ideas in your mind right now?

Are you racing uncontrollably over the Synapse Highway, sometimes in yesterday, then again tomorrow? Don’t worry, everything is normal with you. But your attention to the story you are telling yourself hides the reality of what is. Be aware, of the flow the coming and going of objects be alert do not try to hold the water.

Eight weeks of watchfulness meditation practice will support the immune system’s ability to fight off diseases.

Watchfulness meditation for eight days and your paranoia levels will drop.

Learn nonjudgement with the use of alert awareness and you’re looking at what is without judgment. Practice watchfulness mindfulness training discover yourself

Do research by start practicing meditation and see what results from your investigation it does not hurt or cost you anything. Do not just read take action.


watchfulness mindfulness training

there are now programs and research into mindfulness these programs have their place they are useful for the treatment of anxiety. Much more important is for you to start being mindful of what is in the moment, not just the stories and ideas we tell ourselves.

Take just a few seconds maybe ten seconds to notice what is it that you are doing to your self to feel disturbed. Incertain situation what kind of story are you telling is it true? just a few seconds keep doing this throughout the day you will be amazed at how effective this can be. 10 seconds many times is better than one-hour sitting.

And you may have thought you have to do those long sitting sessions struggling with your mind you can but it is not necessary.

Mindfulness teache & train yourself

Learn about you how do you move what do you do to make yourself feel happy or sad? being watchful of yourself is one method to start your journey into self-inquiry if you haven’t started yet.

Happiness and misfortune
HAPPINESS IS SEEING LIFE WITH EYES WIDE OPEN. Practice watchfulness mindfulness training discover yourself

It wasn’t long ago when I was sitting on a desert island at the end of the world. The smartphone has – deliberately decided – stayed in the case all the time. Two weeks, cut off from the outside world. In the beginning, it was associated with the constant feeling of missing something elsewhere. After a few days, this will go away. Time becomes a viscous stream and wants to pass less and less quickly. And suddenly an old, distant acquaintance comes to the fore: the moment.

We all know this state from childhood: the time is completely immersed in the game, what matters is the here and now. Once grown up, our life suddenly drives us ahead of us. We rush from one appointment to the next, let ourselves be stressed, never stop – and wonder how time flies. We give up our dreams, lose focus, and either late or never realize what we missed. This is where mindfulness comes in.

What does mindfulness mean?

watchfulness means paying great attention to the moment. Targeted, non-judgmental attention to thoughts, feelings, body, and surroundings. Not at some point, but now.

First of all, this focus on the moment is a conscious act. Awareness and watchfulness do not mean the same thing. One can be well aware of a quality or action without paying attention to it. For example, when eating, which is basically a conscious act. But mindful eating means eating slowly, savoring every taste simply being curious no judging or looking for a particular result.

watchfulness also includes not judging one’s own thoughts and feelings, not assigning them right or wrong. Practice watchfulness mindfulness training discover yourself

A trend that is not
The basic idea of watchfulness stems from Buddhism. Mindfulness is much older than the scientific exploration of the term. The basic idea of any meditation in the Buddhist context is mindfulness.

Buddha’s talk about the awareness of mindfulness

The oldest form of Buddhist meditation, called Vipassana, is attributed to the Buddha himself. The Pali canon includes the main sources of Vipassana and is the basis of Theravāda Buddhism. In this canon, there is the Satipatthāna Sutta, Buddha’s talk about the awareness of mindfulness.


What is in it for me

What is in it for me why bother? being tossed and turn by the storm of life blaming everything and every for your suffering. that way of life has not been very effective it causes all kinds of fear and trauma as well as unhealthy behaviors. If that’s what you won’t continue. if however, you want to discover how you are doing the whole thing your self the only way is to start looking at what is going on noticing how you are doing things.
The website of the American University Berkeley offers a comprehensive overview of the benefits of mindfulness. Here is the translation:

Mindfulness promotes compassion and altruism increases the likelihood of helping someone in need as you start to notice nothing out there can hurt you.

Sterling Hayden

I have been practicing meditation for years. I notice some nights I could not fall asleep — thats when I decided to apply meditation to help me sleep quickly. It works. I then started to read different articles on the subject of meditation and sleep. The experts were saying that meditation is a viable way to help with some sleep difficulty.

I decided to start the website Meditate into sleep. To help those who may have some difficulty with sleep. And for those who have an interest in meditation. One could say I am a bit selfish because  I love meditation
Meditate into sleep website helps me to be occupied with what I love.

Learning to meditate is more than a trend - more and more studies prove the effectiveness of meditation in many mental and physical illnesses.

Meditation also improves wellbeing in healthy people.
Already 10 to 20 minutes daily are enough to make a positive change, your sense of wellbeing.

Whether you are complete newbie meditator and would like to immerse yourself in the world of meditation for the first time, or if you have been meditating for some time and would like to learn interesting facts and practical instructions on many meditation techniques - you are in the right Place.

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