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DIY Meditation pillow

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DIY meditation cushion zafu cushion

Diy meditation pillow

Make your own pillow

1.DIY Meditation pillow. To make your own meditation cushion, You are going to need fabric.

2. fabric cotton and linen is generally the best choice.

3. A sewing machine or you could use a Crochet pattern.

4. You need Clip or sewing pins or Crochet pattern & crochet hook

5. Stuffing Best material for this is buckwheat Hulls,4-5 lbs which are about 2 kilos

6. One strip of fabric for cushion around, 4 feet across
And the fabric for the cushion cover, around 5 feet across

DIY Meditation pillow

DIY Meditation pillow can be an excellent gift for a loved one, maybe someone dear to you, who meditates, you can give them a great gift by making meditation cushion for that special someone.
Each time they use the meditation pillow, they will think of you.

What is the difference between buying a zafu cushion and making one?
You know that you have put your time and energy and love in making it.


For what are meditation pillows used? To assist the meditator in sitting in the right Posture.

You can use zafu cushion for various sitting positions example cross-legged or on your knees to protect or to use on the meditation stool. DIY Meditation pillow is an excellent idea


Meditating Cushion

The advantage of DIY Meditation pillow is it allows you to design it to suit yourself. You can take into account your body height, and you know just what you need.

The price of meditation pillows can start at the low end from around $30. If you make your own, it could save you some money too.

When making your pillow, you can also take into account the variations of Pillows that are available. These include rectangular, round cushions.


What’s in a color

You are aware colors can influence your mood, how you are feeling a bright color can cheer you up; this is something that we all experience.

For example, we usually associated red with energy fire movement activity, and this color can generate energy to the mediator.

Yellow cheerfulness is associated with the sun sunshine, Brings positivity to the meditator. If you’re not an organized person, then Violet is a great color brings about a balance to restore some sense of balance and calm to the meditator.

The color black; it brings about a particular Focus. It’s a color which helps to bring about training for the meditator.

Green the color of calmness a beautiful tone for the one who attempts to come to the quit state of mined Green. Blue is in some ways similar to Green relaxes and a sense of peace.

The healing color of orange is a great color; it helps to Energize both body and mind energy.

These are things you can take into account when DIY your meditation cushion the color and patterns of your cushion.

Buckwheat hull meditation cushion

What to fill the meditation cushion with

The best DIY Meditation pillow does not cause you to shift in your seat.
One of the best material for this is buckwheat Hulls.
Buckwheat Hulls may provide a firm seating for the meditating.

You may be wondering what buckwheat Hulls are the buckwheat plant produces seeds.

However, if you prefer a fluffier and lighter material, you can use Kapok silky fibers that disperse the seeds great stuffing lighter than buckwheat hull .it is an excellent material for the meditation cushion.


Crochet meditation cushion pattern

You may be thinking of using a crochet meditation cushion pattern you may find some patterns for crochet online.

If you are one of those people who just love crochet that is also one way to make your meditation pillow cover.

or simply go for fabric cotton  and linen is generally the best choice if you are using fabric for the cushion covers

Getting the material for you zafu

You will need Firm fabric cotton is excellent for this purpose, remember to choose the right. Colors.

It would be best if you cut pieces. One strip of fabric 59 inches long and 6 to 9 inches long .you want three strips of material 11 to 13 inches in diameter for your zafu.

You make your decision on this depending on how high you want your pillow to be.
And you are taking into account your individual needs.

To fill your cushion, you will need around 4-5 lbs which are about 2 kilos for regular size cushion.
You have learned about the influence of color on you. What kind of material you will need. Why it is useful to make your zafu cushion, and what kind of Fabrics you will need.

Watch the video to get more information on how to make your zafu meditation pillow.

Sterling Hayden

Sterling Hayden

I have been practicing meditation for years. I notice some nights I could not fall asleep — thats when I decided to apply meditation to help me sleep quickly. It works. I then started to read different articles on the subject of meditation and sleep. The experts were saying that meditation is a viable way to help with some sleep difficulty.

I decided to start the website Meditate into sleep. To help those who may have some difficulty with sleep. And for those who have an interest in meditation. One could say I am a bit selfish because  I love meditation
Meditate into sleep website helps me to be occupied with what I love.

Learning to meditate is more than a trend - more and more studies prove the effectiveness of meditation in many mental and physical illnesses.

Meditation also improves wellbeing in healthy people.
Already 10 to 20 minutes daily are enough to make a positive change, your sense of wellbeing.

Whether you are complete newbie meditator and would like to immerse yourself in the world of meditation for the first time, or if you have been meditating for some time and would like to learn interesting facts and practical instructions on many meditation techniques - you are in the right Place.

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